Best inkjet printer for mac

Many Mac users are enthusiastic about having high quality work which is appealing and draw a perfect and professional image. Inkjet printers have come in handy to fulfil their dreams of producing the best work. Most Mac users also prefer to have one device which is able to fax, copy and scan documents instead of having different devices performing the same tasks. Here is a list of the best inkjet printer for Mac.

1. Epson Workforce 845:

Epson Workforce 845
This affordable high speed colour inkjet printer produces documents which are of high quality. This inkjet printer is able to print, scan and c.opy two sided document hence saving on paper as well as money. This printer also ensures that multiple high quality prints are got from a 500 sheet paper size. Many businesses are striving to reduce on costs and improve on productivity. The Epson Workforce 845 inkjet printer comes handy as it has the ability to save on ink by making maximum use of its cartridges for high productivity.

2. Canon PIXMA MG5320

canon mg5320 This colour inkjet printer is the best for home use as it has wireless connectivity which allows an individual to copy, scan and fax anywhere in the house. Canon PIXMA MG5320 is the best inkjet printer for Mac and stands out because of its ability to produce documents which are of high quality and presentable. This form of inkjet printer allows an individual to add visual effects such as Toy Camera, Fish Eye, Blur Background and Miniature, before printing. This printer uses the airPrint to print emails, web pages and photos wirelessly without installing any external cables giving it an edge over its competitors. Reduce up to 50% of your costs by using Canon PIXMA MG5320 printer which has Auto Duplex printing in-built to enable a Mac user print a two sided document on one paper hence saving of paper.

3. Canon PIXMA Pro 9000 Mark II Inkjet Photo Printer:

Canon PIXMA Pro 9000 Mark II Inkjet Photo Printer This printer produces superior quality photo prints which display high levels of professionalism. This printer also has two paper paths for light weight and heavy weight papers to ensure high quality printing of documents as well as photos. The Chromalife100system2 in the printer ensures that the photo prints are durable, glossy and beautiful. The 8 colour ink system that this printer has ensures that the photographer is able to choose any colour they want from the variety available. This printer is also able to optimize the colour being produced so that the photographer can choose their favourite lighting condition according to the time of the day. In deed this all in one inkjet printer has come in handy for the professional photographers and it is the best photo printers for Mac.

4. Canon PIXMA MG8220:

Canon PIXMA MG8220 This sleek all in one inkjet printer ensures that one has superior quality documents with a professional touch. One can copy or scan anywhere in the house via the wireless in built Wi-Fi. This printer has a high colour resolution which ensures that your prints are superb and glossy. It is the best inkjet printer for Mac which has software which enables ont to perform colour adjustments on the photos and prints. Save time by purchasing Canon PIXMA MG8220 which has AirPrint to enable one print photos, WebPages and emails wirelessly without a computer or any other external cable. Save money today by using this printer to print two sided documents on one sheet of paper.

5. Epson Artisan 730:

Epson Artisan 730 This inexpensive all in one printer produces superior quality prints in just 10 seconds hence boasts of being the world’s fastest printer. Its wireless connectivity enables an individual to scan, fax and copy from any corner of the house or office. this is best all in one printer for mac.

The world is fast changing and the Mac users want to be at par with the rest of the world hence they need fast speed printers which produce high quality prints and the inkjet printers have come in handy.


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