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Sometimes people need a new printer, because their current printer is worn out or they might have an outdated printer that needs replacement. If this is what you want to do, then you need to look for a printer that is compatible with your OS. You are lucky if you are using Mac, because there are lots of best printers for Mac. There are overwhelming options for you to choose from, but you need to look for one that is according to your special needs. The following are printers that are compatible with Mac and you can choose according your own requirements.

1. All in one printers

Epson xp-800 best all in one printers for mac

This printer from Epson is known as the best all in one printer for all Mac users. Today, this company is creating a line of printer that they called “small-in-one”. This printer is very compact, but it has tons of features. It is 15.4 by 13.3 by 7.5 inches, so it is not actually very small, but smaller than many traditional printers. XP-800 is the number one of Epson’s Expression Premium line. This printer can scan, print, fax and copy. This printer can produce 12 pages every minute and it is fast for a household printer. This is also suitable for small businesses that need a reliable and high quality printer. XP-800 is filled with amazing features that can make printing less hassle. It supports the Apple AirPrint, so it will be very easy for you to print using any iOS devices.

You will also love the fact that XP-800 has a Wi-Fi connectivity that eliminates the need for you to hard-wire the printer to your Mac. You can add this printer to your Wi-Fi network and do printing jobs using different Mac and iOS devices as fast as possible. There is Epson’s Connect service that will let you create XP-800 email address. This will allow you to send printing jobs right to your printer no matter where you are and printed papers will be waiting for you when you get home. This is a service that you might not need every day, but it is good to know that you can use such service whenever you need it.The quality of print from this Epson printer is excellent. You can expect a clear and sharp print especially if you need to print photos. The color is great and text is very readable, and it can print faster than other heavy duty printers with low dpi setting. It is like other consumer-level printers where consumers can save in terms of its ink. This printer does not use cost per page and its refill only cost 15 cents per page. If you will opt for monochrome prints, then you can expect the print to be six cents per page. This printer will not require you to buy large-capacity tanks, which means the overall cost will be much cheaper.


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2. Laser printers

Brother-2270dL– best cheap laser printers for home office

If you are looking for thebest printers for Mac, then this one is specifically deigned as the best laser printer. It can offer you convenience with its heavy duty laser print and wireless networking service. This cheap printer can compete with other expensive printers in the market without sacrificing the quality of the print. It is also highly recommended for business use, because it is fast, easy to set-up, wireless networking, small footprint and built-in duplexer. It is a Monochrome laser printer that can print 27 pages per minute that is why it is ideal for business use. You can print high quality text and photos because of its 2400 x 600 dpi resolution. It has 250-sheet capacity, so it means that you can print a lot of documents before it run out of ink.

You need to find out that 2270dL is very different from other 2000 line, because some of them only have USB connectivity. For its price, you will find this printer worthy of your hard earned money, because it is an excellent laser printer. It only takes 15 seconds before the paper come out of the printer even if it in idle mode. Once the printer started printing, then it will go faster at 3 seconds per print. If you will switch it to duplex printing, it will not affect the speed. The built-in duplexer is a feature that allows you to save on paper and if you want more money saving options, then you can choose printer’s Toner Save mode. This option will work in a Draft mode and will save a lot of your ink.


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3. Photo Printers

 Epson WorkForce WF-3540   –best cheap photo printers for mac

imageds.jpgThis is known as the best professional printer as it promises great image quality for a very affordable price.Epson WorkForce WF-3540 uses 8 inks rather than using 12 inks. This reduction in nozzles can offer a very fine print compared to other printer with more inks. You can now print through USB 2.0 or with the airprint from any iOS devices. It is important that you stick to ChromaLife100+ ink that is genuine if you want your printed document or photos to last for many years. This can reduce fading and can last for up to 100 years within an album.

Dye-based inks have its own advantages, because it can produce a glossy finish compared to printers using pigment inks. Epson WorkForce WF-3540 can produce glossy prints with the help of ‘Chroma Optimizer’ cartridge. This is a professional printer that you can use for heavy duty printing. If you are looking for functionality as well as technology, then there is no better printer than Epson WorkForce WF-3540. You can be rest assured that once you print a photo using this printer it will look as good as the image you have captured. This ensures you that you will get an image that you have envisioned. With its OIG system technology, it helps in choosing the mixture of color to produce a print that you expect.

It also has plug-in software that will allow you to achieve great result from any photo application. Aside from USB and Ethernet option, this printer also has WIFI connectivity. This printer will definitely not let you down especially if you need to print a lot of best photos .


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4. Cheap Printers

Epson xp-400 best cheap printer for mac I recommend

This is known as the best printers for Mac users looking for cheap printer. Today, Epson is creating small All-in-One Printer with similar features and applications of bigger versions. This is a multifunction printer that allows printing outside the comfort of your own home with the help of cloud-based technology. Epson is using iPrint application that will allow all iOS devices to print documents, photos, web pages and anything that you want to print directly using your smartphone.

XP-400 make used of Connect Email Print app that will allow you to send printing jobs with the use of a unique email address that is assigned to your printer. It only means that you can attach photos and other files to your email and send it directly to the printer to be printed right away. Your printed files are already waiting for you at home. This can help you to save time, because you do not have to print at home. This is not only beneficial to businesses, but will also make it easier for families and friends to share photos wherever they are around the world.

This printer is also compatible with Google cloud print as well as the Apple AirPrint that uses built-in WIFI print server that can offer myriad of ways on how users can connect their device to their mobile devices or home computer. You do not need USB cable just to print anything. All you need to do is to connect to WIFI and everything will work very smoothly.


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All of these four printers are considered as best printers in their own way, because they can offer different features that can make printing easier and more convenient.